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Harris certainly felt drawn to the Nazis' genocidal mania - at one point in his journal he quotes Himmler approvingly and comments, "Here was someone who got it! A life spent re-imagining physics. His mother is a deeply pious woman who spends a lot of her time at temple and on frequent fasts. The current cohort came to heightened political awareness during the election, meaning they have watched the logic of Twitter absorb the presidency while adopting and adjusting the language of Twitter—and Snapchat and Instagram—for themselves. The Anita M. Still horrible. By the time the TV crews arrived, Harris and Klebold had in fact ended their rampage and turned their weapons on themselves.

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The county sheriff's department knew Harris and Klebold had been making pipe bombs and threatening their schoolmates.

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Gandhi: Reckless teenager to father of India

The Partition sets off mass mutual killings and the chaotic migration of 10 million people. Most popular. Gandhi makes a triumphant return to India. In some ways, Columbine is unlike other school shootings because of its sheer scale. I had long conversations with local teenagers, both in the park and in a local shopping mall, about the oppressiveness of jock culture and the enormous pressures of feeling out of place in a rigidly conformist, predominantly white middle class community. It was something they had trained for, something they had perhaps visualized in their head once or twice before. Sir Winston Churchill:

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